August 2020

Diversity in the Transatlantic Relationship

The bonds of the US-Europe relationship are not only matters of strategic interest, economic ties, or defense agreements. These elements are built on a foundation emanating from cultural, linguistic, and demographic connections. US-Europe Alliance recognizes that just as the issues facing the transatlantic relationship have evolved since the end of the Cold War, so too have the populations on each side of the Atlantic. Americans who trace their family heritage back to Europe will in the coming decades become an increasingly smaller portion of the American public relative to those who claim ancestry from elsewhere.

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Energy Cooperation

“Across the world… energy choice will strengthen energy security… economic security…and national security. And along with energy choice…the United States supports competitive markets… the rule of law… and the sanctity of contracts. We uphold the transparency of energy deals…and oppose using energy to coerce any nation.” – Former Energy Secretary Rick Perry on the Partnership

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