The Biden-Harris Administration's First 100 Days:
Assessing Foreign Policy, Domestic Priorities, and the Transatlantica Relationship

Since the days of FDR’s New Deal, the president’s first 100 days have served as a benchmark to measure an administration’s productivity and trajectory. Faced with a nation suffering from polarization and battling a pandemic, President Biden entered the White House with an ambitious agenda seeking to effectively combat the coronavirus, lead economic recovery, prioritize climate policy, and tackle issues related to homeland security, migration policy, and strengthening international relations. Following this agenda, the Biden-Harris administration has taken steps toward establishing a new alignment with Europe, addressing Chinese misconduct and ongoing human rights violations, and emboldening a tougher stance against Russia.

 Our discussion will examine the Biden-Harris administration’s first 100 days in office and analyze current domestic and foreign policy issues. What areas of cooperation show promise? How are transatlantic partners developing unified approaches against common adversaries? What aspects of the transatlantic relationship require increased attention?